The Best In-Store Customer Experience in Ten Simple Steps

by Andy Harris on October 28, 2009

in Retail Communications

Keeping a retail store looking spic and span is one of the most important tasks for managers and merchandisers.  Yet with faster turnover, store specific planograms and 24 hour shopping, there is more opportunity for standards to slip, just when they need to be at their highest.  However, by taking a few simple steps, display specialists and store managers can ensure that their store looks as good as the day the displays were first implemented.  The key to a great customer experience is making sure these steps are communicated swiftly and clearly to replenishment staff in store. But what is the most effective communication method to achieve compliance?

In-Store Customer Experience Improved in Ten Steps

Visual Communication Improves In-Store Compliance

This is the challenge that we at Fifth Dimension set ourselves, and it’s a challenge we especially enjoy.  We suggest that the most effective way to communicate excellence to replenishment staff is through a short impactful movie, which can be shown at training sessions and breaks to outline how basic everyday housekeeping can lead to a smart, contemporary shopping experience, even in fast moving, high traffic environments.  These movies can be hosted online, used as part of an e-learning suite, used as an induction tool, and appeal to all ages of staff.  Visual stimulus is also ideal for communicating principles to a workforce of different nationalities and who speak different languages.  As a format, they are fun, engaging and memorable.  They work!

Movies as a Training and Change Agent

To showcase this for a retailer, we put together a movie demonstrating how we would typically present these simple steps. Based in a convenience store, the movie starts off with real life photographs showing the type of problems store managers face everyday in keeping the store tidy and the customer engaged.  All of these problems contribute to a cluttered and messy store.  The movie then highlights the 10 steps we suggest stores can use to improve the in store execution and customer experience.  Some are low cost, some are basic housekeeping, and some propose a rebrand of point of sale materials in a smarter, more elegant style, but all of them contribute to raising the impression of the store, and the experience and expectations of the consumer.  Play the movie to see the 10 steps and a couple of extra strategic investments you can make to your store to bring a premium shopping feel to a convenience environment.

10 Steps To A Better In-Store Customer Experience from Fifth Dimension

From Concept to In-Store Execution

In the rush to convey price led messaging, the real cost to the store can be lack of clarity of the offer itself, confusion at the point of sale, and poor customer reaction to the shopping environment.  Using techniques like best practice movies, training documents and merchandising manuals, we can provide a key step in achieving excellence from concept to in-store execution.

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